Cancellation Policy

Cancellations and Reschedules are ONLY acceptable with a minimum notice of 12 calendar days before the reservation date for a full refund of your deposit amount, you will also not be responsible for the remaining balance on your invoice if the cancellation is made in this time frame. Any cancellations made within 12 days of the reservation date DO NOT qualify for a refund or reschedule. Please understand the Unit(s) or Items have been reserved for your use on that date. 

Reschedule date must be within 1 year of the original reservation. Rescheduled reservations are NOT eligible for refund. 

This policy applies to all items on your invoice, cancellation of tables, chairs, concession machines or any other additional items  will also have to be done within the 12 day mark for a refund or credit on your existing invoice. After the 12 day mark there are no refunds on the items on your invoice. 


Weather Policy

We all know how crazy the weather can be in town, enjoy peace of mind knowing weather related last minute cancellations are eligible for rescheduling for any date within 1 year based on availability. The full amount of your deposit will be applied to the new order. This cancellation needs to be made the day before the event, NOT THE DAY OF and it only applies and when severe weather conditions (over 55% chance of rain, freeze, hail or winds exceeding 20MPH) do not allow the safe use and operation of our equipment. By procedure we always call 1 or 2 days before your reservation date to confirm, this would be a great time to address any weather concerns. If confirmation is obtained, drivers load your order into the vehicles and drive to your location you are responsible for the balance on your invoice regardless of the weather conditions. 


Weather conditions do not make you eligible for a refund as we cater to indoors and outdoors events, keep in mind all items in your order have been reserved for your party. 

Moonstruck Rentals LLC also reserves the right to make last minute cancellations when weather does not allow the safe use and operation of our equipment to ensure the safety of both our staff and your family and friends.




GIVE US A CALL to discuss any cancellations, if you send an email or leave us a voicemail MAKE SURE you hear back from us to acknowledge your cancellation.